Hashgacha Pratit

Hashem has plans for all of us, he's always taking care of us and running things. At times it's really hard to truly internalize that we're not in charge, Hashem is.

I just had a wonderful example of it. A little over a year ago I heard of a job in Shilo and I jumped at the opportunity to work near home, 10 minute commute instead of 2 hours. I applied and got the job. And being near home and in this job was good in many ways; My daughters each gave birth this year and I was near and easily able to be with them, I got to know different people in Shilo outside of my usual circle, and I enjoyed working with many of my coworkers. But it wasn't the ideal job, to put it mildly, for various reasons.                          
Among other things, the salary was ridiculously low and the job often extremely stressful. Just when I was reaching the point of deciding it was time to start looking for something else, I got a call from a job agency asking if I was looking, so I asked for details, went for an interview, and have just started working in a great non-profit organization, better salary for less hours, working for a very interesting and inspiring man.

And the kicker is the job agency that called me was calling on the basis of a CV I'd sent them 4 years ago.  They called out of the blue with a job that seems great for me in an organization whose goals I can identify with and am glad to be working for.

Thank you Hashem.


Take your mind off its leash and let it play!

Was looking at a conversation thread on a friend's fb wall and was quite surprised at where it lead to in my mind. It's fun to let your mind loose to play!  At the moment mine's still on the loose, jumping from stone to stone...

New Beginnings

Long time since I've written. Just gave notice to my boss and about to start new job in a couple weeks. Exciting and scary...

My present job has been extremely draining. Hoping to  reclaim my life! B"H it'll be good. More money for less hours, and an end to angry phone calls and threats.  Wish me luck!

Hoping new job will usher in other changes and new beginnings, working on it...

Aside from work, life has been good. Two happily married daughters, two beautiful healthy grandchildren - what more could one ask for? Bli ayin hara.


Ahavat Chinam Should be Our Goal

It is sad and difficult to see the news these days. It seems that many wish to drive a wedge between the various sectors of society rather than to bring them together. Israelis need to learn to treat each other with respect, even when they don't agree with each other, not to be afraid of differences.  Only love can unite us. Nobody ever drew closer to another or influenced them though hatred. When will we learn? What price will we pay for our intolerance/hatred until we learn?  Wake up!