A day at the Kinneret

I recently enjoyed a wonderful day at the Kinneret  - my go to spot for true relaxation of the mind and body - with a good friend. It was just what we needed, an opportunity to completely unwind (or maybe 95% for my responsible friend who directs a school and occasionally had to put out fires from her seat by the beach). We went to a beach I've been at several times in the last couple years and enjoy, Hukok Beach, at the northern end of the Kinneret.
The weather (at the end of October!) was perfect, the beach relatively empty, and the water amazingly clear - when we went in to the water we could clearly see the fish swimming around us - and there were a lot of them. We could also clearly see the stones at the bottom of the lake, even when sitting on the beach.


We also saw fish jumping out of the water and got to enjoy birds from up close.


We topped the day off by treating ourselves to dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant in Tiberius that I discovered on a previous trip. It was a wonderful and much needed mini vacation.

I need to do something like this more often and am hoping to get in one more day at the Kinneret
before winter really sets in.

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