Pictures of the Day

 The prefect place to rest while waiting for your passengers - in the baggage section below, made over into a little bedroom...


The Wonders of Creation

I left my screenless window open last night and later discovered this beauty on my wall. It's wings look like very delicate lacy filigree.  Hard to believe they can support the weight of even this small insect.  We are surrounded by so much beauty!

Do people really want to work?

I'm leaving my present job - which I've greatly enjoyed - because I found a job near home (a 10 minute walk as opposed to a 90 minute commute).
My present place of work is holding interviews to find my replacement.  Today someone was supposed to come in for an interview at 11:00.  She didn't show up at 11:00.  She did finally call at 11:30 to say that something had come up and to ask if she could come in later.  What was she thinking?! If something comes up you call in advance, not after the appointed time.  They did tell her to come in, but then discussed how annoying such behavior was. Does this person really want the job? I'd think not. If she does really want it, than she seems rather clueless.

They're fighting for cottage [cheese] and we're fighting for our homes

Israelis across the board seem to have found a cause to unite them - cottage cheese.
  A grass root movement protesting the steep rise in prices of cottage cheese caught everyone's attention and has already been discussed at the government level.
Why were we able to successfully take action on this issue, and not on so many critical issues?  Is it because of the wide consensus behind the issue of rising food prices?  According to an article I just read there is also a growing consensus among adult Israelis against returning Yehuda and Shomron and against the uprooting of more Israelis from their homes.
So how do we successfully campaign? Will the government be able to do what it wants regardless of what the majority of citizens wants?  How do we put an end to the destruction of Jewish homes?

Anyone out there listening?

My friends and I here in Israel often post information and articles about Israel, important information - explaining our position, why we're here, why it's good for the world we're here, why it's our land... in short advocating for Israel and our right to exist as an independent and secure country.

It's all important stuff, presenting our case in intelligent and interesting ways. My question is do we reach others who think a little or a lot differently, or are we just preaching to the choir?

Would love to hear if anyone's learned anything new from these articles and films, gained new insights, had their viewpoint shift - even slightly, etc....

Please share this question with others if it interests you.