Renewal and Changes

B"H My third grandchild, Yishai, was just born a week ago, and he's so sweet (bli ayin hara), and number 4 is on the way. Elroee and Leah, the first and second grandchildren, are adorable, both characters, happy children. It's wonderful being a grandmother. (I only wish I had more time to spend with them and to help their parents.) They're so much fun to be with, and of course I have many things I'm waiting to do with them as they get older such as hiking and camping. And I'm thinking they'll be my excuse to buy a large trampoline ;-)

As for me, trying to make some changes, and also to figure out employment possibilities and development, hopefully with present employer. And I'm trying to focus on health improvement and using my (very limited) free time more creatively. I'm planning to start going through The Artist's Way next week with a friend. And last week I took out my soldering iron for the first time in a long time to fix a piece of jewelry, and also looked over the earrings I've created which are awaiting finishing touches so they can be worn.