The working poor

The financial situation is very frustrating. I keep seeing reports saying how strong the economy is, how unemployment is falling, talking abut Israel's strong economy and how it will continue to grow and improve. Today I saw another article quoting an Israeli politician, this time Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, praising the economy and pointing out how unemployment is falling.
But looking around me it seems very hard to believe.  Yes, people are working. But are those working people making ends meet?  What isn't mentioned is that salaries in available jobs are very low and  costs are constantly rising.  I for one was earning 40% more a few years ago.  Many people I know who work full time still have trouble paying their bills.  It just doesn't seem right that a person who works full time can't make ends meet.


  1. yep, tell me about it. but the shekel is stronger than the dollar

  2. It is, but I'm not sure if it's despite that fact or because of it that living expenses are constantly rising. You'd think that it's be good, having a strong currency. However my understanding is that our strong currency is harmful to importers and exporters and thus negatively impacts on the economy. Go figure.