Chanuka on the beach

Thinking of past Chanukas, I think the most intersting place I ever lit Chanuka candles was in  a tent on a beach at the Dead Sea on a rainy windy night. I was camping with my 2 young daughters and we had 2 tents, but it turned out only the smaller was windproof enough for lighting candles -so we lit in the small tent and sat there playing games while the candles burned.  We were there 2 nights and on the 2nd night a friend showed up, with some friends, on the way to Masada.  In the end he stayed with us and hiked Ein Gedi with us the next day - so the 2nd night we were 2 adults and 2 kids in the little pup tent for the duration of the candles.  A fun evening, the girls enjoyed having a captive audience with whom to play games.

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