New and Exciting Job

In a week and a half I'll be starting a new job as a translator and I'm very excited about it. For years I've translated freelance, and often as part of my job. But I never defined myself as a translator, despite the fact that I am really good at it.

I know I am good at translating, and that I have excellent language skills. However in my present position I finally gained the confidence in my skills to fully own them, and to recognize myself as a translator - after all, I needed to recognize myself as a translator before I could expect anyone else to recognize me as such.

In my  position at JDC, I worked for an amazing man, Ralph Goldman. He was a man of vision and a man of action, and played a major part in the building of Israel, and in the guiding of JDC, an organization which helps Jews throughout the world, and works to strengthen all populations in Israel.

I learned many important things from Ralph while working for him. And in addition, I gained confidence in my skills, greatly encouraged by his appreciation. He was not a person to express appreciation or give compliments lightly. When he expressed appreciation of something, you knew he truly meant it.  He had a wonderful command of both English and Hebrew, and was very precise in the words he chose in all of his communication and writing .  Therefore his appreciation of my language and writing skills in both Hebrew and English meant a lot to me, and gave me more confidence in my skills, to the extent that when I saw an ad for a position as a translator, with stated requirement of at least a B.A., I had the confidence to apply despite not having a degree, writing to them that despite not meeting this requirement, I have all the skills they are looking for, and asking they give me a chance. They did, and I got the job.

Thank you Ralph.

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